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Our duty to the future is to be accurate about the past

1. Articles - an overview
This section of the website contains a number of articles on the history of Christchurch. They are grouped together under topic headings of:

1. Articles - an overview. This is this page.

2. History (10 articles)

(a) A History of Christchurch in brief

(b) An Audio Visual Taster of Christchurch

(c) Location Map of Christchurch

(d) Christchurch Castle & Constable’s House

(e) Christchurch Harbour & Smuggling in Christchurch

(f) Christchurch Priory

(g) Christchurch’s Military and Aviation Connections

(h) Highcliffe Castle

(i) Industry in Christchurch

(j) Transportation and Power in Christchurch

3. Buildings in Christchurch (8)

(a) Bosley Farm

(b) Christchurch Castle; what we know - an Expert's Summary

(c) Christchurch Garden Theatre

(d) Rise and Fall of Waterford Lodge

(e) The Carving of the Saxon Cross erected in Saxon Square, Christchurch

(f) The Doomsday Mills of Christchurch

(g) The History of Christchurch Cemetery

(h) The Manor of Winkton

4. Incidents at Christchurch (4)

(a) Drama in Christchurch Bay

(b) Fatal Accident at Sopley

(c) Pioneer Pilot dropped in on Highcliffe

(d) The Wreck of the Halsewell

5. Significant People (10)

(a) Connected to Christchurch

(b) Crippen Connection – a Christchurch Legend

(c) Heneages at Highcliffe

(d) Inoculation & Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

(e) Midshipman Scarlatt and the sinking of HMS Victoria

(f) Sir John Millais R.A. (1829-1896) and Christchurch

(g) Sir Thomas Wriothesley and Christchurch

(h) The de Redvers Family and the FitzGerald Inheritance

(i) The Mysterious Death of Baldwin De Redvers, 7th Earl of Devon

(j) The Osborne Collection of Children’s Books

6. Social History (8)

(a) A Documented History - The Christchurch Times

(b) Bure Club

(c) Christchurch Congregational Church

(d) Christchurch Football Club - 1909 to 1913

(e) Fifty Years a Christchurch Estate Agent

(f) Portrait Miniatures of the Daughters of Lord Charles and Lady Elizabeth Stuart de Rothesay

(g) Reminiscences of Christchurch.

(h) The School Treat

7. The Two Wars in Christchurch (3)

(a) Clothes Washing - 1940's Style

(b) Gliders at Christchurch

(c) Second Lieutenant John Neville Manners

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