A Guidance Note for Member's Registration

Member's Registration 1
Member's Registration 2

If not yet Registered then :-

  • Ensure that in the top right hand corner under the search bar it says “Log In” if not then click to Log Out
  • Go to ‘Member’s Page’ (see Member’s Registration 1 screen print opposite)
  • In the introductory text, or In block at right hand side headed ‘Member’s Login’, find phrase “Register on this site as a member” and click to Register
  • This will have taken you to the ‘Member’s Registration’ page


  • On the ‘Member’s Registration Page’ (see Members Registration 2 screen print opposite)
  • Enter your christian name and your surname
  • If you have a joint Membership your partner’s christian name and your partner’s surname
  • Enter your Christchurch History Society Membership Number from your Membership Card
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your proposed password (between 8 and 12 characters including at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter and one number); the strength of the password will be seen.   The password needs ideally to be “Strong” and at least rated as “Good”
  • Confirm your password
  • Provided that you agree with the Consent Statement beneath the password strength indicator Click in the box to the left of the Statement
  • Click on the “Register” Button

Your request will be acknowledged and in the next few days your Registration will be confirmed and access will be given to the Members’ Page.



The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 – The following statement applies exclusively to the Website and is completely independent of the Membership List and other Lists held by the Christchurch History Society.

When applying for Registration to gain access to the Member’s Page of the Website, Members will be asked to give consent to all of the data that they provide (Names, Email Address, Christchurch History Society Membership Number and Password [which is encrypted by the website programme so it cannot be read by anyone]) being held under security by the website.   No other data is held by the website.   Upon request to admin@historychristchurch.org.uk you can view the data held or request that your data be removed and your Registration terminated.    The data will be used only for the Member’s Page Registration and will be kept for that purpose and not disclosed for any purpose connected with the running of the Society and also will not be passed on to any other persons(s) within or outside of Christchurch History Society or any third party organisations.    This is a fundamental requirement of the maintenance of the website security.

Should you not renew your Membership by 31st October in each year then your Registration will be cancelled and access to the Member’s Page be terminated.



If already Registered and access given :-

Go to Members Page
In the block at right hand side headed ‘Member’s Login’ (see Member’s Registration 1 screen print above)
Enter your email address
Enter your password
Click on the “Login” button
The full ‘Members’ Page’ will appear