Become a Volunteer

Volunteers Selling Books at an Evening Meeting
Manning our stall at community events

The Christchurch History Society is run by the Members for the Members but led by a number of Volunteers.

If you want to become a Member of the Christchurch History Society then please go to the Membership Page, download the Application Form and follow the instructions printed on the Form.

By participating as a Volunteer you are able not only to pursue your own interests but help the Society and the community of Christchurch.  We value assistance in running the Society.   The ways in which Members can help are :-

• Assisting at evening meetings, lunchtime talks, guided walks and coach trips
• Selling books at the ten evening meetings as well as manning stalls at community events
• Assisting with the Research Enquiries
• Writing articles for the Journal for consideration for publication
• Assisting  with the distribution of the Journal published quarterly
• Pursuing their own interest in the history of Christchurch and the local area by undertaking small projects
• Undertaking research for projects, publications and exhibitions
• Scanning photographs and documents
• Making oral history recordings

If you are interested in helping in the events and activities of the Christchurch History Society please email us and the Chairman or one of the Executive will get back to you