Christchurch Times Index

Geoffery Bush

The Christchurch History Society has microfilm copies of The Christchurch Times from 1861 to 1918 and from 1925 to 1983 which is the majority of the duration of its publication.      The paper was not published from 1918 to 1925.      Limited microfilm copies of The Christchurch Times from 2nd January 1858 to 29th December 1860 are also available.

A full list of surnames has been transcribed to create a list the surnames of people in Christchurch and the surrounding villages that have been mentioned in the The Christchurch Times.    The list is held as a database of over 153,200 names for the years 1855 to 1938 on the 166 page file below.

If you wish to locate a person, then use the Christchurch Times Names Index, which comprises a list of surnames alphabetically in the first column and the various decades from 1850s (from 1855) to 1930s (up to 1938) in the remaining columns.

The best process to follows is :-

  • Scroll down the list to find the surname that you are looking for.    Please note that the surname may have several different spellings and in some instances is double barrelled.
  • For the chosen surname look across the columns to find the appropriate decade to establish how many entries in The Christchurch Times there were in that decade.
  • As appropriate narrow down the possible decades.
  • Make a note of the surname and the decade(s) in which you have interest.
  • Establish any known additional information such as :- (a) Christian Name; (b) Reason for the Article in The Christchurch Times; (c) Approximation of likely date; (d) Place.
  • If you wish for more information on any article from The Christchurch Times then download the Request for Research Form and complete and post the form with a donation as suggested to The Research Co-Ordinator, Christchurch History Society, The Porch Room, Priory House, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1BX and then our volunteer researchers will find out what they can and reply to you.