Who we are.

Details of the Christchurch History Society Committee

The Christchurch History Society is managed by a group of Members through a Committee which, following amendments to the Constitution agreed at the 2018 Annual General Meeting, comprises four Officers and up to eleven Coordinators. The Committee meets every other month.

The Officers are the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Programme Secretary. Following election at the 2018 AGM, they are:


Christine PayneChristine Payne - Chair







Mary Whitcher - Secretary

Mary Whitcher

(Mary will not be standing for re-election at the next AGM in October 2019. We are

therefore looking for her replacement(s). Her two main tasks are (1) the Agendas

and Minutes of Committee Meetings and (2) distributing the quarterly journal.

We are willing to consider splitting these rolls.  Any Member who is willing to take

on all or part of the Secretary’s roll is asked to contact any of the four officers).


Charles Clark - Treasurer

Charles Clark






Programme and Events Secretary 

Ian Watson - Programme Secretary

Ian Watson






The Co-ordinators (posts and current holders) are:

Archives                Janet Burn                               Book Sales                Ian Messer

Journal Editor      Geoff Bush                               Facebook                  Everett Jones

Research              John Ward                                Events                        Vicky Jones

Catalogue             Lieve Hemelaer                       Webmaster              (Currently vacant)

Membership         Bernard Guard                        Public Relations      (Currently vacant)