Who are we?

Details of the Christchurch History Society Executive

The Christchurch History Society is managed by a group of twelve Members comprising an Executive of four, a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Programme Secretary with eight co-ordinators assisting one or other of the Executives.

The organisation structure is shown below :-

Christchurch History Society Management Team from 22nd January 2018


Interim Chairman of Christchurch History Society :                              Christine Payne 

Christine Payne – Interim Chairman Co-opted by Executive

Following the resignation of the previous Chairman, Richard Randerson, due to ill health, the three other Members of the Executive co-opted in accordance with paragraph 13.3 of the Constitution Christine Payne to act of Chairman of the Christchurch History Society until she could, along with any other nominee, be proposed, seconded and elected by the Membership at the next Annual General Meeting in October 2018.










Vice-Chairman and                                                                                                        Programme Secretary of Christchurch History Society :         Ian Watson

Ian Watson - Programme Secretary

Ian Watson – Vice-Chairman and Programme Secretary

The Programme Secretary is responsible for Evening Meeting Programme, Walks, Tours, Public Relations and Liaison with Christchurch Council and Planning

Ian is assisted by :-

T.B.A as Events Co-ordinator

T.B.A as Public Relations Co-ordinator







Secretary of Christchurch History Society :                               Mary Whitcher

The Secretary is responsible for Administration, Membership and production of the Society’s quarterly Journal

Mary Whitcher – Secretary

Mary is assisted by :-

Geoff Bush as Editor of The Journal

Bernard Guard as Membership Secretary








Treasurer of Christchurch History Society :                              Charles Clark

Charles Clark

Charles Clark – Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for Financial Control, Archive Maintenance, Research Requests and the Sale of Books and DVDs

Charles is assisted by :-

Janet Burn as Archive Co-ordinator

John Ward as Research Co-ordinator

T.B.A as Book Sales Co-ordinator