Christchurch History Society Journal

Autumn 2018 cover
Winter 2018 cover

Content of the Autumn 2018 Edition of the Journal:

We apologise for the delay to those that receive their Journal by electronic means. It is now available and will remain so until late January.

This edition of the Christchurch History Society Journal goes back to the times of the Magna Carta and tells how five leading men helps to put it into being after it had looked doomed to failure. Then members are updated on how the Archive is being used by people from around the world submitting their enquiries for information. A Russian lady searching for information on her grandfather during WWII discovered he had spent time in this area and we include details of what she uncovered.

The centrefold picture is an aerial photograph of Highcliffe during development, and Highcliffe gets mentioned again when local traders there pressed for the town to have a second railway station build in the late 1930s. In the series on ‘Early Memories’ we have a submission from a member of life in wartime Sussex – written in verse! There is also reproduced the early memories of George Marshall of what life was like in the town of Christchurch during the 1850 / 1870 era when he had become the managing editor of the Christchurch Times newspaper.

Finally, a journey is taken up the River Stour to view noteable places.

Content of the Winter 2018 Edition of the Journal:

In this edition you will find a brief summary by our Chairman of the AGM we held in October, and a brief recognition of the work done by Jane Rutter for the old CLHS, and who recently passed away. The wartime memories series continues with one about what it was like in North London at the time. Facebook and the Society produce stories of interest, and we publish one about artist John Goddard who lived in the second half of the nineteenth century. Admiral Edmund Lyons was a national hero from Winkton, and we know about him being brought into Christchurch by hand pulled carriage to receive the thanks of the town, and there is an article that continues the story of his death soon after. There is mention of Rev. Herbert Cowl, once a Methodist Minister in Highcliffe, and his life at the time of World War One. The pictures included are of the recognition services held around the town to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the ending of the war.

The electronic Journal is also available. Unfortunately, the centrefold picture of an aerial view from above Christchurch Quay had to be split in half. We have made available the full‑size picture for those that prefer it.