Christchurch History Society Executive

At the Annual General Meeting of the Christchurch History Society on 17th October 2017, as previously announced the Secretary, Liz Messer, resigned.     Also following a stroke in May the Chairman, Richard Randerson had made it clear at the end of July that he was not actively wanting his name to go forward for nomination for the Executive.    This allowed time for a successor to be nominated.    Two and a half months of personal approaches to Members and invitations for nominees to come forward resulted in no candidates for Chairman.   At the Annual General Meeting no one was prepared to stand and so Richard Randerson reluctantly agreed to stand for one year as a non-working Chairman.    A situation of no elected Chairman would not only have gone against the Constitution of the Society but would have been a weakness in the governance of the Society.

In support of Richard, Ian Watson, was elected by the Members present to serve for one year as Vice-Chairman.   Ian was also re-elected for two years as Programme Secretary.

Charles Clark was re-elected as Treasurer for two years.

Mary Whitcher was the sole nominee and therefore was elected as Secretary for two years.


In view of the lack of Members coming forward to be nominated to help run the Society, the Chairman, Richard Randerson announced that the views of the Members would be sort on the future of the Society.    A review would then be undertaken following Members input and Recommendations from the Executive would put to an Extraordinary General Meeting in the Spring of 2018

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