The Website and On-Line Archive Catalogue of Christchurch History Society

The Website of the Christchurch History Society has now been operational for fifteen months and the On-Line Catalogue embedded in the Website has been live for twelve months.

The Project, partly financed by a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant, has proved to be extremely well received by Society Members and non-members alike, and was masterminded by the Chairman, Richard Randerson to whom the Society is indebted for the hundreds of hours he put for the benefit of others.     As a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant Condition the Website and On-Line Catalogue will have to be maintained in its current and better serviceability until April 2022.

The Website has attracted, to 10th October 2017) one hundred and thirty-six requests for research, four family history enquiries and brought about nine visits to the Archives.   As a result the extremely value resource has been well used.   Enquiries have been received from most regions of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada and Ireland.    This shows the local, regional, national and international value of the Christchurch History Society Archives.     To submit a research enquiry please use the Request for Research Form or the Family History Enquiry Form

The On-Line Catalogue now contains 17,700 items including some 5,500 digitised items of documents, events, landmarks and people of Christchurch.         For the time being these digital images are only available by making a visit to the Archive Room at Christchurch Priory in the normal way.    The Catalogue is a searchable database of documents, books, maps, newspaper cuttings and photographs that the Society holds accessible to Members and non-members.

To assist the user of the Catalogue a set of Guidance Notes has been published on the Website.     These Guidance Notes take the user through a ten step process of locating individual items on the catalogue.       If you wish to visit the Archive Room, by appointment, and view any records that you have located by using the on-line catalogue please download the Visit Application Form and enter the Reference Number and, if a digital record, the Filename onto the Form and complete all other details and post it with a donation as suggested on the Research and Family History Enquiries Page to The Research Co-Ordinator, Christchurch History Society, The Porch Room, Priory House, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1BX.




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